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2016 Educational Presentations

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          2016 Educational Agenda

          Training Boxers: Why A Balanced Approach Is Best
          When: Sunday, October 16, 2016
          Time: Following regular club meeting (board meeting at 10am, regular meeting begins at 11am)
          Location: Private residence of Sarah Neely
          2634 SW 348th Place, Federal Way WA 98023

          Many Boxer owners these days find themselves flailing to solve behavior problems because of the current singular emphasis on all-positive training techniques flooding dog training classes. Learn why the all-positive approach often falls short when it comes to teaching basic manners to the average Boxer. Learn why it's so important to effectively communicate the concept of "NO" to a Boxer, and how to do it. At the same time, learn how you can still employ techniques of the all-positive approach to take advantage of the Boxer's innate intelligence when teaching the behaviors and responses you do want. Lillian Sugahara Jesse of the BoxerBrains Project and volunteer with Washington Boxer Rescue and MustLuvBoxers Rescue will explain how your best success in training your Boxer will come from employing a balanced approach of praise and correction. Lillian's background: over 20 years of loving and training Boxers, over 15 years of hands-on fostering and training of rescued Boxers. She created the BoxerBrains Project to share the knowledge she has accumulated over all these years with Boxer owners and those new to the breed.


          Aggression in Your Household Pack: Can You Fix This? July 2016
          Presented by Lillian Jesse

          An Introduction to AKC Rally and AKC Canine Good Citizenship Program. November 2015
          Presented by Lillian Jesse & Patricia Traughber

          AKC Rally Fun Course. August 2015
          Presented by Patricia Traughber

          Battaglia's Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). April 2014
          Presented by Cecily Joque, Blackhawk Boxers, Breeder/Trainer/Exhibitor

          The Making of an AKC Judge. November 2013
          Presented by Warren Hudson, Warjoy Boxers & Pugs, AKC Judge

          The Conformation Stack. October 2013
          Presented by Cecily Joque, Blackhawk Boxers, Breeder/Handler

          Why Do Boxers Have Such Difficulty With Corneal Ulcers? September 2013
          Boxers & Their Gum Problems. August 2013
          Presented by Lillian Sugahara Jesse, BoxerBrains & Washington Boxer Rescue

          PNBC Education Coordinator 2016: Lillian Sugahara Jesse

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