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2017 Educational Presentations

          Note: Please visit this page regularly. We are always working on adding more presentation topics! Dates, times, locations subject to change without notice. After-meeting presentations always FREE and OPEN to guests and visitors. Seminars may be subject to registration fee. Check this page for latest information.

          2017 Educational Agenda

          Time To RALLY: Part 1
          When: Saturday, November 13, 2017
          Time: Following regular club meeting (meeting begins at 12 Noon)
          Location: Mitzel's American Kitchen, 22330 84th Ave. S., Kent WA 98032

          In September 2018, the Pacific Northwest Boxer Club is hosting the American Boxer Club's Regional Specialty Cluster in Olympia WA. Partnering with the Oregon Boxer Club and the Spokane Boxer Club, this week-long event is a must-see for Boxer-lovers in the Pacific Northwest. As a part of the Cluster, the Oregon Boxer Club will be offering Rally and Obedience events. In particular, RALLY NOVICE is an excellent (and fun) entry point into the world of performance events for any Boxer and their owner/handler. Come and find out why. Part 1 will introduce you to what Rally is all about. Part 2 will be scheduled for the Spring of 2018 and will offer a hands-on opportunity for Boxers and their humans to experience a novice-level Rally course.

          Digital Holtering Demonstration
          When: Sunday, December 3, 2017
          Time: Following regular club meeting (meeting begins at 10:00am)
          Location: Private residence of the Sones Family, Bothell WA

          Cardiac Holter Monitoring is one of the recommendations for health screening of Boxers in breeding programs endorsed by the American Boxer Club to test for Cardiomyopathy1. PNBC owns a digital holtering monitor for free-of-charge loan to PNBC members (members do pay a small per-kit fee for disposable supplies that are used during the holtering process). Come and learn about the monitoring process and see a live demo on how a Boxer is fitted for the monitor.


          Training Boxers: Why A Balanced Approach Is Best. October 2016
          Presented by Lillian Jesse, BoxerBrains Project

          Aggression in Your Household Pack: Can You Fix This? July 2016
          Presented by Lillian Jesse, BoxerBrains Project

          An Introduction to AKC Rally and AKC Canine Good Citizenship Program. November 2015
          Presented by Lillian Jesse & Patricia Traughber

          AKC Rally Fun Course. August 2015
          Presented by Patricia Traughber

          Battaglia's Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). April 2014
          Presented by Cecily Joque, Blackhawk Boxers, Breeder/Trainer/Exhibitor

          The Making of an AKC Judge. November 2013
          Presented by Warren Hudson, Warjoy Boxers & Pugs, AKC Judge

          The Conformation Stack. October 2013
          Presented by Cecily Joque, Blackhawk Boxers, Breeder/Handler

          Why Do Boxers Have Such Difficulty With Corneal Ulcers? September 2013
          Boxers & Their Gum Problems. August 2013
          Presented by Lillian Sugahara Jesse, BoxerBrains & Washington Boxer Rescue

          PNBC Education Coordinator 2016: Lillian Sugahara Jesse

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